Tuesday, July 27, 2010

New Suit

New Suit
by Gideon Burton

A wedding isn't just for bride or groom,
however much we hope the marriage sticks.
It's for the folks who must go shopping soon,
to throw some stylish fashion in the mix.
For women, such variety is there,
a hundred closets hardly scratch the surface
but for us men with little cash to spare
the choice is slim, no matter what our purpose.
Conservative and plain, the humble suit,
in grey or black, perhaps in brown or blue;
it tends to civilize the savage brute,
and gives some class to anything you do.
     At times I tire of this attire, and yet
     it makes me smile when I a new one get.

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  1. Playful and approachable. That's a new twist on "you're just a suit..." I like it.

  2. Just another reason to dread my children getting married. You mean I have to shop?

  3. You're lookin' good in the new threads. And the sonnet rocks. :)

  4. This one makes me chuckle. Lookin' sharp! Good luck in the preparations for the wedding! Looks like you're ready!