Sunday, March 14, 2010


I've written a lot of religiously oriented sonnets. Some are imitations of scriptural passages, others are meditations on various spiritual matters or items from church history. Maybe I'll try to do a series of "sabbath sonnets" for every Sunday. So here's one:

by Gideon Burton

A gray and troubled ocean laps around
my chest, the chilled and murky liquid stings
my limbs, my skin. My heart, a stone, now sounds
another fathom: darkens, quiets, sinks.
Above, the twilight weakly plies the surface,
grows distant; I drop in ashen silt.    
The downward current traps me with its bias,
all color black but this my crimson guilt.

With sudden force, uprushed into the light,
I burst into the breath of boldest day.
By hands unseen, with grappling grace and might,
the murky ice dissolves to passing spray.
   With calming force he warms a chilling soul;
   With arms and warmth revives and makes me whole.

Feel free to copy, imitate, remix, or redistribute this poem as long as you give proper acknowledgment of authorship. Photo: flickr -

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