Saturday, April 3, 2010

Resurrection (2)

Continuing my Easter weekend set of sonnets, a second on the subject of resurrection:

Resurrection (2)
by Gideon Burton

When He who clothed our bones had been disrobed,
When sank the eyes that once had cosmos scanned,
When punctured were the palms that cupped the globe,
When blank and dark the mind that worlds had planned;
When He who gave each creature blood was bled,
When Man of Peace did fall to men of strife,
When breath that blew the winds had thinned and fled,
When He in giving life gave up His life--
Then came the Father, quietly, to hold
The cold and broken Jesus' form, to weep
For him though all had been foreknown, foretold:
Our Father trembled, seeing Jesus sleep.
         Oh, silent son, how camest thou to this?
         My Lazarus, I wake you with a kiss.


  1. Instant tears. Like by the second line. Very powerful.

    Thank you.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Gideon. I particularly loved the last couplet because of its model for us on Resurrection morning. Please keep writing.