Friday, February 18, 2011

Safe Rage

Safe Rage
by Gideon Burton

Be angry, find and spill your blackest bile.
Complain as though I wished you were more shrill.
Burst into tears and beat my chest at will.
Condemn, accuse, while shouting all the while.
The storm will thunder, then its winds will pass
You and I will still be lashed together.
Best lovers love who weather every weather.
And I am ready: let your lightning crash.
I do not need a reason for your rage--
the world is thick enough to vex the best.
And as emotion rises to its crest
Return and act your Oscar on this stage.
     Our marriage is your harbor, refuge, port
     where we will turn each tragedy to sport.

Photo: flickr - incubos (adapted)


  1. I really enjoyed this sonnet. I guess I know just what you're talking about.
    One question: is "lightening" a typo for "lightning," or is the crash getting lighter?
    How do you come up with so many interesting sonnets? (I guess that makes two questions.)

  2. Thanks for catching that typo. Glad you liked the sonnet! How do I come up with all these sonnets? By not being afraid of any topic, and by posting daily no matter what. Quality comes via quantity.

  3. I think this is such a cool project. Keep up the good work!

  4. I like it. My favorite line is "best lovers love who weather every weather."