Saturday, August 21, 2010

Burning Sugar

Burning Sugar
by Gideon Burton

I won't pretend those marshmallows aren't mine.        
For one thing, sticky-fingered, I'll confess            
That something gooey sounded mighty fine.                
Forgive me for that smell and awful mess                 
Inside the microwave. You see, I thought                 
With heat I could make smooth and luscious cream         
From hardened sugar balls. You're right, I ought               
To check with you next time. At first it seemed               
They were invincible. But then I heard                        
A pop, a splatter. Sweetened rivers streamed
Right out the oven door. I think it burned.              
    I promise, next experiment I'll ask;
    Some taffy just might be a better task.

Photo: flickr - jessamyn

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