Friday, August 20, 2010

Too Much Information

Too Much Information
by Gideon Burton

So many books, so many years immersed

within their labyrinths of inky thought.
So much remains unread. Perhaps I'm cursed
to know I haven't read all that I ought.
So many movies, years of hours passed
in front of dancing screens both large and small.
So many yet to see. They come so fast--
of just the best, I'd never catch them all.
So many sites and blogs, the data rush
of updates, feeds, of music, pictures, more,
surrounding me like hosts of locusts, slush
and slag and shiny things sprayed out like spores.
     Deluged, I cannot skim or surf or think.
     I want to thirst again before I drink.
Photo: flickr - Philippe Put 

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