Thursday, August 19, 2010

Vegas Buffet

Vegas Buffet
by Gideon Burton 

Enough. You've had three plates and it's enough.
A caravan of carbohydrates washed
in gravies, sauces, sloshing over puffs
of pastry; kilocalories accost
your system, pancreatic panic sends
along the lubricating insulin
outpaced by fresh eclairs stuffed end to end
as meats and buttered breads try to fit in
your gasping gastric track that chokes and squirms
accommodating seconds' seconds, thick
in naughty, knotty fats not making firm
your figure as desserts arrive in sucrose bricks.
     Great bargain, endless courses till you cough;
     Whatever -- oink your way back to the trough.

Photo: flickr - Librarian Avengers


  1. Oh, and this one was funny! Like you said you were going to do!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Aw dang, now it shows that I deleted it. Well, it's only because I misspelled a word and I couldn't have that tarnishing my record. Anyway, I love your sonnets. This one is especially funny

  4. Gastric track stuff. Ew. But you are handsome and funny and clever. I love you.