Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Yes, this is my house and my car, snowed in from today's storm. I took the day off to go skiing. Good choice.
by Gideon Burton

Like goopy icing sugaring all the roads,
like nimble cumulus accumulating,
eclipsing acres with its sopping loads.
Like cotton candy with the wind inflating
Like Slurpee slush that's sucked until it's white
and dense. It crowns the fence posts, wires, and signs
with puffy ornaments, puts out of sight
the dirty asphalt, browning grass. The lines
between things meld and melt with crystal glue.
A block away a team of men are pushing
a silver van. Then with a cheer its through
and others follow, spraying patterned slushing.
     But best of all, the mountains guard this spice,
     a kind of manna, heaven's store of rice.

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  1. I love the way Christmas lights look like pastel candy under a layer of snow. I had only one Christmas in snow but this poem brought it all back. Merry Christmas!