Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Crickets' Code

Crickets' Code
by Gideon Burton

I hope you'll wait with me; there's more to tell:
Each pulse and hush of Autumn rhythms down
the Wasatch canyons, breezing aspens swell
their flat medallions, amber evenings drown
the western facing mountains rippling red
in crevices of leaving leaves, the cool
of air sustains the time we thought had bled
to Winter weariness, unwinds the spools
of muscled hurry, welcomes us to slow
reception of the crickets' code conveyed
across the dozing decades in their flow
of seasoned seasons, quiet and unswayed.
     I told you it would come. Now watch it pass:
     a fallen golden world strewn on the grass.

Photo: flickr - //amy//

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