Friday, October 15, 2010

Kiosk Fiends

Kiosk Fiends
by Gideon Burton

A rack of scarves, a little cell phone bling,

a bank of sandals, bumper stickers, dolls,
some rows of cute stuffed animals or rings.
These used to be the kiosks in the malls.
No longer, now that convicts are employed,
who dare you to decline their free massage,
accosting you until you are annoyed
with stuff you wouldn't hide in your garage.
I've seen poor shoppers caught within their snares,
compelled to be strapped down in torture chairs
for dental whitening in their kiosk lairs
while teens and neighbors pass with smirking stares.
     Stay back, you hucksters with your spritzers cocked;
     the next troll that approaches will get clocked.

Photo: flickr - wisefly

1 comment:

  1. University mall? Was there earlier today and was taken aback by the dental chair kiosk.