Sunday, October 31, 2010


Lately I've enjoyed getting reacquainted with old friends in different ways and places, and each time I've stretched a little to do this it's proven very satisfying. I end up wishing I'd been better about staying in touch -- especially with early friends. That's what's on my mind here.

by Gideon Burton

The things that circle back to us, as though,
imperfect, time repents in spiraled shame,
embarrassed that forgetting isn't tame
enough: some things will stay although they go.
As time accelerates a ballast slows
ephemera, the scale of loss reframes
and we are offered more than just the names
of losses; something pushes back the flow
as though a smothering blanket over sleep
is kicked away: old friends are friends again
but separated from the claws of place,
unfixed and fluid, living at a pace
more rhythmed to a better rhythm's end,
the tidal shallows dredged to layers deep.

Photo: flickr - Ed Yourdon

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