Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Name is Darja

So I got a spam letter today, and I don't usually spend even a millisecond on that sort of thing, but a line jumped out from it: "I could not find here a man who will make me blossom like flower." That is just so wrong! Maybe I'm just a sucker for imagery, but it got me to keep reading, and the letter just had this terribly sad tone -- almost elegiac, like some of the Old English poems I teach to students. So I thought I would turn Darja's plight into a proper sonnet. I kept very close to her words and idiom. Good luck finding that man, Darja. That is, if you really are Darja, if you are really looking for a man, and if you are really real at all. (This was the picture that came with the email -- cropped a bit for modesty). And no, despite feeling for the poor gal, I just couldn't hit that reply button. Sorry, Darja.
My Name is Darja
by Gideon Burton

Does my letter find you in good mood?
My name is Darja. Will you answer please?
The loneliness has come; it isn't good.
Filles life with sadness won't let go of me.
I just want partner, help take off my soul
of sadness given birth by loneliness.
I'm looking for a man to share with, goal
of friendship and the life road happiness.
I know that many can't find common joy,
but maybe in this way, I do not know.
Right here I cannot find the kind of boy
to make me blossom like a flower, though.
     Not either of us knows this path is true;
     But I will walk awhile and wait for you.


  1. I think Darja may be a 57 year-old man looking for a "friend". But I guess that sonnet idea wouldn't really fly...

  2. It's actually a very pretty poem, Darja or no Darja.

  3. I would have been tempted to respond just to confirm my suspicion that this was an attempt to get you to send money.

  4. Three years till sixty; I am needing "friend"
    If is man, if is woman--who is care?
    Please my whole email read down to the end
    Also please hit reply if you are dare
    Darja is but the name as rose is rose
    the love it hides in names but you can find
    That life is harsh and painful we all knows
    This painful life I'm reading in your mind
    Perhaps for you the blossoming is late?
    Perhaps you also lonely by your screen?
    A loneliness collapses into hate
    unless we turn the years back into green
    So, come--feel young and fresh again my "friend"
    This winter is turn spring when you hit "send."

    -Darja 4ever, 2010

  5. P.S. Thanks, Kazzy, for inspiring my first sonnet in years.

    Let's never speak of this again.

  6. Poor, poor Darja.

    James, I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Thanks. :)