Thursday, September 23, 2010


by Gideon Burton

Another pepper chopped to juicy heat
then slathered on a chip of salty corn
A salsa, with cilantro newly born,
tomatoes diced along the basil leaves.
The barbecue has blackened cuts of meat
that, sliced to lengths, acquire the needed form
to wedge among tortillas, flour or corn,
which we, sauteed with onions, gladly eat.
A spread of reddened rice to dress the plate
perhaps a dab of sour cream as well
the guacamole lingers on the side
The platter, a sombrero, filled with great
aromas, Mexico has cast its spell
that we consume with gusto and with pride.

Photo: flickr - ugod


  1. Sounds delicious!! Fajitas for dinner tonight!! And maybe lunch tomorrow, too!

  2. This is what I'm making for our fathers and sons campout tomorrow. Can't wait!

  3. OH wow! that sounds SO Good...I love it

  4. Hmm delicioso! You'll have to teach me how to write stuff like that. Y si con mucho gusto me lo como : )