Saturday, September 18, 2010

Learning Love

Learning Love
by Gideon Burton

In time our children come to re-create us;
their lives, a nearby echo of our own.
We measure how we are within their status,
less certain who we are when they leave home.
In time our children walk without our aid;
they speak and learn and earn without us there.
A son becomes a groom and courts a maid;
We count the years and, speechless, dumbly stare.
My father told me once I'd never know
of love until I held my newborn child.
My newly-wedded child has made the flow
of love redouble: something tame and wild,
both old and new, both hot and breezy cool.
He'll start to know, now he is off to school.


  1. Such a beautiful picture. I'm so sad that I couldn't be there.

    When you posted that you now have a daughter, you made me cry. I'm so happy for all of you.

    I hope you are ready for this next season in your life. I think you'll be very good at it.

    Congratulations. You are a father-in-law.

    (Yeah, that's kind of trippy.)

  2. Beautiful poem, beautiful picture. Love the idea that we 'learn love'. It's absolutely true.

  3. They are so cute together! How wonderful to see a new chapter beginning, to see the world keep on turning and your own children become such great men. Kudos to you, Professor.