Saturday, September 11, 2010

Further Light and Knowledge

Further Light and Knowledge
by Gideon Burton

Once more to revel in the revelation,

unmetered light descends, expands, extends
the range and rate, thick grace in variation,
another chorus coming as one ends:
that voice, so still and small (not still nor small)
commanding with percussive, pressing peace;
consoling, patient, as I rising fall,
unbinding, speaking where to find release.
So settled, soothing, sacred to the taste,
this winter-fresh assurance, clean and near,
excitement smoothing, steady in its pace.
I watch and see; I listen and I hear.
     It comes -- too much, enough -- compounding sight;
     His flowing rays, these words, this heavy light. 

Photo: flickr - Christolakis


  1. That picture is amazing. Today was a good day filled with buckets of spirituality, from morning to evening.

  2. Wow, that last line is brilliant. Just like the Savior's "burden": Light.

  3. This poem takes on the personality of God. And like His Spirit--revealing the Son--I don't want to stop drinking it in. Beautiful.