Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Encore No More

Encore No More
by Gideon Burton
at the passing of the family dog

Sometimes you lay paws forward, like a sphinx,
the living room your Egypt to command.
The other dog would wait for second drinks;
you were the alpha canine, small, yet grand.
With springing leaps you stripped the trees of birds,
whose siblings chirped in anger at the kill.
Your midnight barking prompted naughty words;
your shedding made our vacuuming a thrill.
You were a runner, worming under fences,
who cost us money at the city pound;
a fugitive who loved repeat offences --
that is, until that auto mowed you down.
     Despite the bites, the barking, and the mess.
     Your liveliness we'll miss, I do confess.


  1. You left chocolate within reach?! What?
    I'm sorry about your doggie. :( I'm sure the boys are broken up.
    Good sonnet.

  2. You didn't mention that he was OCD! I'm very sorry about the loss of the family pet. After so long, they become part of the family. However, I couldn't stop laughing at your sonnet and the dogs antics! I'll ask forgiveness now.

  3. Wow, instant classic, is there a way to get that on his headstone? Sorry to hear about your dog, but thanks for writing a touching tribute that made me literally laugh out loud. Come by and pick up a replacement puppy :).

  4. Encore would have liked your sonnet. She would have growled at you while you wrote it, but she would have done it lovingly.

    I miss her too.